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Let’s work on getting you onboarded to start your...
Shopify Build
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How We Work
We know it can be overwhelming for clients to understand what they need to do to ensure they get the best end result from their build, and what we need from them throughout the process.Our process is boiled down into 8 simple steps to make it as easy as possible for you. Please watch our video to understand the steps we’ll be taking.
Your Scope
Our Scope of Work with you is our North Star for the project. It sets into place what the goal post is for us to work to.

Please ensure you have read and understand your Scope of Work. You’ll be asked about this later😉
We’ll need access to the following
softwares and systems.

Please click on the links provided and send
access to our team...
ruth@wiro.agency, samrich@wiro.agency
We’ll need access to the following assets for
your project;

1. Your Logo
2. Your brand book
3. Your fonts (inc licenses)
4. Any icons
5. Any imagery not currently on your site
6. Logins for your apps.

In your onboarding email, you’ll have a link to your assets folder to upload into.
The beefy bit! We want to download as much about your brand as possible from your brain⏬ so we can best serve your brand. Please carefully fill our this form with as much detail as possible so we can get our team researching and preparing.
Design Preference 🎨
Okay, now time to get creative!You

may already have in your head what you want your site to look like, or
Pick a time ⏰
You’ll have meetings with our team every Tuesday. They are typically around 40mins-1hr for the first few sessions, and then less than 20mins once we go into development.

Please book in a time 2 weeks from now that works for you. This will be your recurring weekly slot.
You’re all set!
We’ll follow up with any questions the team have based on your responses. Hang tight whilst our team gets your project set up!

In the meantime, feel free to drop us a follow on socials and subscribe to our newsletter✌️

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