August 1, 2022

D2C + B2B Wholesale on Shopify Plus platform

Sam Pearson, Head of Delivery
August 1, 2022

With 80% of B2B commerce expected to take place online by 2025, it’s time business-to-business ecommerce got a digital upgrade. Today, Shopify is launching a new set of features built specifically for B2B merchants, directly into our platform, and with access to all of Shopify’s most powerful customisation features like store themes, discounts, and Functions—and it’s all included with Shopify Plus. This will allow you to manage your entire ecommerce business—whether it’s B2B, DTC, or both—all in one place.


We’ve long heard from our merchants that they’d like to be able to sell wholesale and direct from one online store. To meet this growing demand, we’ve worked to build the most foundational and powerful features B2B merchants need directly into the heart of Shopify. This will enable any merchant who wishes to offer both their consumers and wholesale customers an easy-to-use buying experience from a single platform.

You now have the option of running both sides of your business from a single online store for both your direct and wholesale buyers. Or, you can choose to manage your wholesale business from a dedicated expansion store that is customised specifically to your B2B business and only used by your wholesale customers. Whichever you choose, you can manage it all from the same place—saving you time and money.



Give your B2B customers a unique buying experience with new company profiles. With these profiles, you can provide each B2B customer with distinct contact permissions, payment terms, price lists, and tax exemptions. For your more complex buyers, you can assign multiple contacts and locations to a single profile with different permission levels. With one central company profile, there is no need to manage separate records for every buyer and location you work with.


Custom wholesale pricing is now easier than ever. Set fixed price and percentage-off price lists for all of your products and variants, and easily modify the currency. B2B merchants are also able to sell in multiple currencies within one store, increasing your global reach. You can assign price lists to specific companies and locations—without the need for tags or third-party apps. And, you can assign multiple price lists to a company, with the lowest price always winning out if there are multiple prices available for a given product.


You can now automate the manual process of assigning payment terms to orders or draft orders in the admin. Once you’ve assigned payment terms to the company location, you can track, sort, and collect on orders as they become due. Your customers will be able to checkout with the payment terms you’ve made available to them without any upfront payment required, and can always keep track of their upcoming payments when they log into their account.


The checkout experience is now streamlined and personal for your wholesale buyers. They can view their assigned payment terms, payment methods and wholesale discounts at time of purchase. B2B Checkout ensures your customers have the information they need to place an order with confidence.


With customer accounts, your buyers will see wholesale products and prices only after they’ve been authenticated. Once inside, they’ll have access to all of their pertinent account information to limit the amount of time your team needs to spend on customer support. B2B customers can manage their account, select the company location they’re buying for, edit buyer information, and view and filter order history.


From a single platform, you can now leverage the power of Shopify to run your B2B business with the same level of customisation that you have for your DTC store, including access to:

  • Store themes and Liquid customisations
  • Discounts
  • Ecosystem of apps
  • API access
  • Functions (formerly known as Scripts)


With B2B on Shopify, merchants will be able to apply new B2B-specific filters to their reports and have a clear view of their wholesale business when using one storefront. The new B2B filters will be available on all reports under the following sections: Sales, Orders, Profit Margin, Customers, and Finance. B2B filtered reports come with the same functionality as traditional reports: you can create, save and export custom reports in the edit columns section. This is yet another way that you can run two sides of your business from a single platform and a single admin.

Our goal is to make it more efficient to run your B2B business. B2B on Shopify shares the same simple, out-of-the-box setup and management as Shopify’s market-leading DTC offering, but is powerful enough to provide the personalised buyer experience a B2B business needs.

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